Tom’s First Birthday!

Today we gathered together, family and friends, to celebrate Tom’s first birthday!

In Tom’s back yard we chatted and shared this very special time. Even my sisters came, yes even Helen.

As the formalities began Tristan and Blaine gathered up their little boy and stood before us. They asked us to celebrate with them, which we did with lusty song.

Then they announced their news – in early Spring Tom would have a little brother or sister. As the cheers flowed I was quietly very relieved not to have to keep it a secret any more! It had been hard to keep such wonderful news to myself.

Yes, it was a very special day.

RIP Roberta

Roberta died today.

This morning she  was radiant and confident as she facilitated a seminar in the style which she has made her own.  I have never seen her so radiant, even at the Australasian Facilitators Network last November.

This afternoon she drove south to facilitate a meeting for Alcoa.

She never made it back home.

She was an inspiring leader and a wonderful friend – so warm yet so vulnerable.

I will miss her…lots.

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