Sounds of Joy!


This morning, as I walked slowly around part of my used-to-be-usual walk, trekking poles in hand, and then stood at one of my favourite places in Kings Park (see pic), I heard a magic sound. The calls of 2 ospreys! I have so missed these sounds in the past year, as I’ve had to pull away from being outside to nurse my new knees to health. Tears pricked as I realised how very tough it had been, finishing with Mum’s passing on 2nd April.

But this was all done, and this morning I could celebrate the arrival of these 2 doting parents as they arrived back at their nest to repair it ready for making babies:-)


Stretching Myself


Travelling to Geraldton this weekend to help with the Rotary District Conference has stretched me. I was time-keeper for the whole weekend, rather amusing when I find it so hard to be exactly on time, plus I’d briefed all the speakers so was watching over them too.

My team of Bec and Tristan were amazing – speaker wranglers I called them. With their enthusiastic and expert help the exceedingly tight timetable ran on time!

What did I learn? That it’s an act of kindness to myself to allow myself a little extra time to be on time, and not push the maximum into the minimum time!