Tom @ School

This morning I did the Grandma thing and joined Tristan, Blaine (with her mending arm in a sling after last week’s surgery to remove a very long-standing ganglion) and Thea to watch Tom and his school class do the performance for the weekly chapel service. He was a fish, as was the young lady next to him.

I was very proud!

Magic and more magic

Today Rob and I drove back home after spending 2 nights in an apartment in Smith’s Beach (near Yallingup). With what’s been going on lately, it was a grand idea of Rob’s. Of course his camera came and he caught this amazing photo of the sea at Wyadup. I photographed him getting his feet wet while he took it:-)

But we also shared space with dolphins (cruising the bay below our balcony), ospreys, gulls, terns, black cockatoos with their poignant, heart-lifting calls (not only did we hear and see a big flock of white-tailed ones in the gardens of Caves House, but we also heard and saw an endangered red-tailed one near Bunbury). And we spent lots of time on the coast, enjoying the swells breaking on the shore.

It was good – so much magic and we both felt much better by the time we left to drive home. A pod of dolphins even appeared in the bay as we stood and said farewell to the place from the balcony:-)

Friends at Breakfast

This morning we enjoyed a lovely quiet time on the balcony of our apartment at Smith’s Beach. We had friends to share it with: a magpie who was very cute and sang for us, until Rob left his piece of toast unguarded and the magpie had no hesitation in swooping on it!

Then we noticed movement in the waves below that wasn’t from the surfies – it was a pod of dolphins feeding!

All this really helped our healing from the flu and strife of the past weeks:-)

Cute Family

Last night Tristan’s family arrived, all dressed up for their dinner out for Blaine’s birthday. Then the kiddliwinks stayed with us and Tristan and Blaine went out for the rest of the evening and a night at home, kid-less. I took them back across town this morning in time for Tom to go to school. They wore their pyjamas and dressing gowns back home as we only had their good outfits from the previous evening and it was far too cold to wear them!

They are lovely children and a credit to their devoted parents.

Double Birthdays

Rob and I are blessed with two delightful children-in-law. Today we celebrated their birthdays for the 2nd May (Christopher) and the 4th (Blaine). While Christopher as part of his and Jeanette’s decluttering wanted vouchers, Blaine was very happy with her pink crumpler bag that clever Jeanette found and gave her from Jeanette, Elwyn and me and Rob.

It was a very sweet gathering at a playground in East Perth by the Swan river:-)

New clothes

Today it was time to buy the kiddliwinks their winter clothes. As always it was a fun outing, accompanied by a quick lunch in the middle to keep us all going!

They did not get a lot of clothes, but they really liked what they got. Tom got his wish with some Buzz Lightyear pyjamas (and slippers to match), and Thea got hers with some pink ballet slippers. They go with her new pink “bling”.

Then they came back to our place and the four of them had a good sleep:-)