Because Tristan was prospecting just outside Kalgoorlie, Rob and I tried out Rob’s new car and joined him and his little family camping. On the hot day we did air-conditioner crawling, and just had to have a photo taken outside the house where Rob used to live until he was 10 – Tom and Thea was very excited to see all the places that their beloved Pa had lived when he was their age:-)

The Kitchen Bench!

It just looks like a kitchen bench, doesn’t it?

Well let me tell you this replacement bench for the one that got wet and buckled during and after the hail storm in March has been the bane of our house repairs for some weeks! We have waited and waited and waited for this moment. That’s Ross (our building supervisor) on the left, overseeing the cabinet-makers installing the new kitchen bench.

Now we can finish putting the entire kitchen back together. Then we can finish (for the whole house), the:




general finishing off

It’s a good day!!!

Hawk on the Hill

Just around the corner from our rental house is Roscommon Reserve. It is a limestone hill, and this dead tree is on the west peak. Most times I climb up there, there is at least one bird keeping an eye out, and this morning there was a brown goshawk! Unfortunately by the time I whipped out my camera it had spotted something to eat and flown off! They breed in nearby Bold Park and are quite special.

Also out and about were cuckoo shrikes and “28” parrots.

And the most gorgeous double-headed black boy plant.

A lovely morning’s walk:-)

Out on the Track!

Today Rob and I went for our favourite bushwalk! Southeast of Perth to the monadnocks, walking about 12-13 kms along the Bibbulmun Track, up and over Mt Cuthbert (see photo of pool on the top plus photo of the view), down past the jarrah tree with the huge bole up the trunk, up and over Mt Vincent, then a long haul back to the car.

Spring is really springing out now. The flowers are amazing, and the birds! We had several sightings of the endangered  white-tailed cockatoos, and one of the critically endangered red-tailed cockatoos. As well as lots of wattle birds, New England honey-eaters and some tiny little birds that flitted through the smaller bushes.

A very tiring but very magical day.

It was good to be back in the bush:-)

Emails with Webb

From Rob, 1/9/2010:

Hi Webb,

                 After all the hassles with the house, we went out on Dusky Dolphin for a 3 day round Rottnest weekend – saw the first humpbacks heading South for summer, a sure sign that spring is in the air. It was great to have moderate breezes and sunshine for a few days. 

Best wishes for your return to Hawk of Tuonella,


From Webb, 2/9/2010:

Hi, Rob and Wendy,

What a great part of the world you live in–despite the occasional roof ripping storm.  Great photo.  Sea looks relatively smooth.  Sailor happy.

I might try to post something about “Meditation on the Spirits” soon.