Coming Home


photoWhen Rob brought me home, there in the front hall were my trekking poles which had supported me for many, many miles of walking. Now on crutches, I was grateful that they had been so strong.

After Rob got me settled, he had to go to work. So Jeanette and Christopher came and babysat me for the afternoon.

Part of this was to take me “home” to Zamia for afternoon tea. Jeanette laughed as we arrived, because another lady and I were wanting to walk on the same decking from opposite ends – her on a frame and me on crutches. Jeanette said we looked like 2 gladiators lining up for a fight! Actually we worked it out quite amicably:-)

Busy @ Home


DSC_0298Tristan called last night and asked if they could stay the night, and today, and tonight. Of course we welcomed them!

DSC_0308We played cricket in the back yard (see Thea’s big hit), bought the kiddliwinks new pyjamas and dressing gowns (see Tom playing on the Wii in his new night clothes), and generally enjoyed each others’ company:-)

As I will be out of action and of contact for some time after my knee op on the 21st, this was a welcome gift.

What the…?


It seemed sensible to me. Cleaning up the tea corner in our kitchen, I thought it was time to discard the many teabags that we no longer use. A friend had told me that burying them (wet) in the garden was party-time for the earthworms, so I packed all the teabags into bowls and poured hot water over them. Of course Rob came through the kitchen and spied them, and had to take a photo.

When I checked my email later I discovered that he had emailed the photo to our family with the caption “Sometimes I worry about your mother”. It certainly confused our children!