Tomโ€™s 3rd Birthday

It was such a celebration, done with Tristan and Blaine’s usual flair at their lovely home!

They gathered both sides of their families together to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Tom’s entrance into the world. He’s such a special little man, it was a privilege to share. Even my sister Helen came along. She sat with Mum, which Mum enjoyed.

When we sang “Happy Birthday” there was much joy there:-)

Grantโ€™s 60th

Rob and I  were so honoured to be invited to the celebration of our friend Grant’s 60th Birthday!

It was a small group. delightfully overseen by Grant’s wife, Ann, and their children (now grown). Ann took me aside when we arrived late, having just shared Tom’s 3rd birthday, and said she’d been very firm with Grant and made sure that he invited who he wanted to come, not who he thought should come.

Still with his arm in a sling from a yachting injury, Grant was happier and more relaxed than I’ve seen him for a while. All their children had flown in, and his own siblings, so it was truly and joyous celebration by the sea.

And good to share:-)

Scotland the Brave

Tonight we enjoyed Scotland the Brave.

The singing and music group that is! For last Christmas Tristan and Blaine gave us tickets to see them at the Convention Centre.

They were great! Lots of Scottish bagpipes, music and songs, along with some serious and some slapstick performing.

It all reminded me of where Rob came from – perhaps better than the pirate stock around Cornwall that’s my heritage:-)