Rottnest Train

On our 28th wedding anniversary, we were at Rottnest and caught the Rottnest train to the gun emplacement museum for a tour – as you do on your anniversary. Methinks that next year we might go to a dress shop:-) Or maybe a MacBook shop would be more exciting:-)

Seriously though, war stuff fascinates Rob and in going along with that I learned about the vital role played by West Australian women in our defense as the drums of war beat against us.

Being Grandma & Pa

To help Blaine, and therefore Tristan, Rob, Jeanette, Christopher and I took care of Tom and Thea for a couple of days this week. Tom has entered the “Ferocious Four” stage (Rob’s term) which little boys go through when they have their first surge of testosterone. So he is extremely tiring and Blaine really needed a break.

Blaine came over yesterday morning with the kiddliwinks and we went to their favourite park (pictures above). Didn’t go so well this week as all the kids (and some Dads) were grumpy so we went back to our place. Blaine retired to the study as she’d really had enough of grumpiness. Thea went to bed and I spent some time with Tom and his new sticker book. Blaine left to be taken out for afternoon tea by a friend, somewhere with NO playgrounds and NO children, then have a nice evening with Tristan! Jeanette turned up to take Tom for the night, and Thea and I enjoyed some quiet time doing all the things that she wanted to do. Fi got back from her day’s time with Mum and joined us. She helped bath and feed Thea, and we put her to bed. Unfortunately Thea didn’t sleep too well, and as she was sharing Fi’s room Fi didn’t either. So they both got up this morning looking bleary. I took over Thea and Fi went back to bed.

Thea and I had a quiet morning, including morning tea in Subiaco with Blaine, while Fi had her last visit to Mum. Then Fi came back, got all her luggage together and left for the airport.  Jeanette arrived with Tom. After the children’s rests they had a last play with my “bling” as they call it before going home with a much more relaxed Blaine – see photos:

Being Mr & Mrs Elwyn

Tonight Rob and I were very proud to attend a function at the WACA to receive an award for Elwyn on her behalf. When her ex-fellow players asked why she couldn’t accept it herself, I cheekily told them that they should have sent her a UK to Perth airfare and she would have!

When Rob went up to accept the award, this is what they read out about our Elly:

Elwyn P. Campbell

70 matches

Western Australia 1995/96 – 2004/05

Debuting in 1995/96 Elwyn Campbell was a patient and skilful top order batter. Scoring 1440 runs at an average of 21.5 and a highest score of 93, she is one of the leading run scorers for Western Australia.

Elwyn was a member of the team who contested the WNCL final in 1999 against NSW at the SCG.

Elwyn was vice captain of the Western Fury in season 1998/99.

Elwyn toured with the Australian U23 side in 1998 and 2000 and was an Australian Youth Squad member during this period.

Elwyn was the dominant bat of her time in club cricket scoring numerous centuries for Subiaco-Marist and High Wycombe cricket clubs.  She particularly enjoyed destroying pace attacks with effortless and elegant cover drives.

Currently living, working and playing in England & in her absence her mother Wendy has joined us today.

I took the photos, and the one above (Rob and I with the framed photo she was awarded plus the locker in the men’s locker room that they named after her) was Elwyn’s favourite when we told her all about it over the internet after we got back from the WACA:-)

My sister Fiona, who was staying with us for almost a week, also took the opportunity to chat with Elwyn, including an in-depth inquisition about Elwyn’s boyfriend as only our darling Fi can!

News from Elwyn

Very special news from Elwyn, who has taken a long time to find someone right for her, who is also available…

Just thought I’d let you know I’m dating a nice guy called Robin (or Rob – this could be confusing!)

Met him up in the peak district in late October and after a bit of emailing started dating in December, just before Morocco.

We have quite a strong connection, and share a lot of things – both software engineers, climbing, biking, & he likes watching cricket. He lives up near Derby so it’s a bit of a hike but it’s nice to visit the “proper” country, away from the south east of england. I’m even prepared to overlook the fact that he’s shorter than me which says quite a lot. Tricia and Adrian approve of him too.

Early days yet, but thought you’d like to know.



Four Buses

This week Jeanette and Tom had an adventure which included going on “four buses!” as Tom told us when he got back to our place. This is what Jeanette wrote to Elwyn about it:

Subject: biiiiig expedition


yesterday i met mum and tom and thea at kings park.

tom was being impressively badly-behaved (actually he wasn’t too bad at the park, but had been awful for the previous couple of days).

so after a bit of a play at the playground – where he was quite grumpy until i gave him the minimum possible help to climb up onto a big high bridge then he was happy, probably cos of being slightly adventurous – me and tom went into town.  on the BUS.

and tom got to decide whether to eat lunch in the city or next to the river.  he chose the river.  so we got off the bus at london court, then walked down to barrack st jetty, then shared a toasted panini and and orange-juice.  then we caught CAT bus, and got off at the terminus, which was handy cos then the bus stayed put so i could explain to tom about the biiig cat on he side of the bus (he couldn’t see the cat at first).  then caught another 2 buses to go back to grandma’s house.

oh yeah, and he liked seeing the big new ferris-wheel (but we didn’t ride on it).

so his big news of the day was that there were FOUR BUSES!!!!

hopefully next time there will be a ferry.

I took Blaine and Thea back to our place in the meantime, and Thea enjoyed a quiet time with Grandma while Blaine had a rest.