And so it ends…and in this end is the new beginning


Tonight, Rob and Elwyn gave me a great gift. A night on Dusky Dolphin. Last one was over six months ago, as I battled to recover from my tonsillectomy in time for my first knee replacement. That was an age ago. Since then I have been to hell and back again as I battled the slow, mostly silent battle of the knee replacement journey.

Well tonight that journey ended.

And my journey to be the sailor I was always meant to be, but couldn’t because of my bad knees and nasty, nasty unpredictable fevers from my nasty tonsils, has now begun.

Thank you Rob and Elwyn, and Dusky Dolphin of course. You have been the most patient of all:-)

Winning Tom!


Today we took Christmas to my Mum at her nursing home. They were running a children’s Christmas for the staff’s children that day and we joined in. It meant that Mum could enjoy the children enjoying themselves. She loves children and for a short while just enjoyed being there. She doesn’t get much joy these days:-(

Tom really enjoyed himself with winning musical chairs. But like his Dad, Aunty Elwyn and Pa, he wasn’t ever going to lose a chance to be competitive!

And Thea made the most of the ample supply of craft materials and made me a delightful Christmas card:-)


Gofer Pit Stop!


6209_shapeimage_11637_shapeimage_2As if to prove that it is a REAL vehicle, my gofer had a flat tyre today! From a large drawing pin that it picked up from somewhere. So Elwyn came home from seeing her friend with her new baby, picked up a bike pump and drove the pump and I to where I’d had to abandon the poor gofer, pumped up the tyre, and I carefully drove the gofer most of the way home before the tyre was flat again. So Elwyn had to come back with the bike pump.

Then we all got home safely and the gofer went into the pit stop where Rob unbolted the tyre from the axle when he got home!