The Last Sailing I

Today we sailed in “Dusky Dolphin” from Fremantle to Rockingham and stayed the night there, blessed with a lovely sunset. This will be our last sailing before Dusky Dolphin is hauled out for her annual maintenance next week. So Rob and I really, really made sure that we enjoyed it!

The photo of the light on the water has Mewstone in the distance – one of my favourite places around Cockburn Sound!

After the Repairs

This week Rob and I began to record the work that we had done since we moved back home to our post-storm-repaired house on 22nd October last year.

The bedroom was the one whose ceiling was “dropped” (demolished) first after the storm, and we took a photo of the ceiling-less room with wires hanging down and a pile of rubble at one end.

The stairway room is in the centre of the house. The hail smashed the roof window, so this room was filled with hail stones, smashed glass and LOTS of rain. It has taken a while to get this space back together!

The view through the dolphins looks into this central room from our lounge room.

It is soooo good getting it all back together, although differently from what it was before.

@ the Blue Playground

Last night we babysat Tom and Thea while Tris and Blaine went out for some time together. I finished reading “Pookie and the Swallows” to them (one of the Pookie books that I had when I was their age!).

This morning we all went to Zamia for brekkie and Jeanette joined us. Then Rob tried out his new camera while Tom and Thea checked out the “blue” playground (blue because it has a blue slide, according to Tom:-).