Leaving the Cocoon

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This morning, as I waited for Rob to take me home from hospital after my right knee replacement last Tuesday, I took some photos around my room.

There were all the lovely flowers that friends and family had gifted me with. The “Grandma Bilby” that Thea had given me when I had my left knee replacement. The matching scars on my knees, the left one healing nicely now after all the trauma of that recovery. And my bedside chair where EVERYTHING had to stay in reach.

It had been a good cocoon in which to start this healing journey. The nurses and other staff had all shapeimage_2been very caring and made my stay here a very positive one. Now it was time to get back into the world!

Comforting Pa


Yesterday we all got together at Zamia for breakfast for the last time before my last knee operation. Afterwards of course we had a short play at the blue playground, and as we walked back to our cars Thea took Rob’s hand. Afterwards he said that it felt like she was comforting him, which is very prescient of her because he is hurting at the thought of me going through the post-knee-replacement suffering all over again.

What a lovely family we have!