Joy in Kings Park


This morning, as preparation for a long writing session at Zamia Cafe, I went for a walk in Kings Park, enjoying being able to walk more relaxedly these days with minimal trekking pole support.

First I spied a pair of red-tailed black cockatoos feeding in a bush – see pic. Then a flash of pink by the track was the first pink myrtle flowers for spring!

What a magic morning, especially as I move on from the pain and suffering and sadness of the past few years:-)


Back to the Bush – A Bit


9545_photo_1Today we ventured onto the Bibbulmun Track, me with my trekking poles. We took it pretty easy with a 2km walk into Hewitt’s Hill hut. Rob got some great photos (as usual) and I really, really enjoyed being in the bush – glistening black boys, chirpy birds, spring flowers, smell of eucalyptus, lichened granite, warm sun. All gorgeous and I was so grateful to be able to be out there again:-)


Nudda Holiday @ Grandma and Pa’s


This afternoon, Blaine and the kids picked Tris and I up from Rotary and delivered the kids and I back here. Tris and Blaine had to go to a funeral.

After T1 and T2 had marched into their room with their travel bags, unpacked and T2 and I had put Mum’s old pearl necklace on her, we made popcorn and shared it in the back garden as they chatted about their week at school and home. It was very sweet. I just spent time with them, letting things flow. After they’d eaten, we retired to the family room where T1 played the Wii and T2 and I played with lego. T1 joined us after a while ‘cos that looked fun too!


Boating Magic!


Last Thursday we moved onto Dusky Dolphin, hoping to get out sailing for a few days after spending the evening with sailing friends at the club for the annual dinner. It was new moon:-)

On Friday we slept in, had a cruisy morning, then sailed across to Rotto. The swells had us rolling around within 5 minutes of mooring there, so we set sail back to the club, getting back around 7:30pm to cook dinner. Magic sail with the tiniest of new moons in the western sunset:-)

On Saturday and Sunday we enjoyed day sails (coming 2nd in the JAM sailing on Sunday!), spending time with friends, and sleeping on Dusky Dolphin each night. The pic of our feet was when we were watching videos on Rob’s iPad in the evening.

Came home today after a good break:-)


Rob’s New Barbecue Table


For the first time for some years I actually paid MONEY for Rob’s barbecue table. No this latest one didn’t come from the side of the road, I bought it from Mum’s estate for Rob. It was made by Mum’s Swedish great-grand-father, the one who cleared the land at old Fernhem, next to Fairy Dell, and built the guest house there. Mum used to love spending time there, helping to entertain the constant stream of guests visiting from Melbourne for weekends or longer. One of the many innovative things that her great-grand-father made was these old tables – wash-stands for holding the huge bowls and matching china urns for hot water washes in the guest’s bedrooms. This one has been made from the base of a very old treadle sewing machine and a very nice slab of marble which before that used to be a table top by the look of it.

Rob’s very happy with his new barbecue area:-)

Holiday @ Grandma and Pa’s


On the first night here, we went to get takeaway dinner and they wore their new slippers – it was very cold:-)

They found a new way to have their ice-cream – drink it!


Dear T1 and T2,

We’d love to have you to our place for a 2-night sleepover during your school holidays. You can choose any dates from:

9th, 10th, 11th, 16th 17th and 18th July.

Lots of love and hugz

Grandma and Pa

Hi Grandma,

We are looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Love T1