Emails with T2

2nd January 2013:

Dear T2,

Thank you very much for making my nest in the Christmas tree at Grandma’s and Pa’s place. I loved being there amongst all the glittery decorations. Grandma and Pa have taken down the Christmas tree and I am back in my usual place on the couch next to Grandma:-)

Love from Grandma Bilby.

12th January 2013:

Dear Grandma bilby.

That is good that you like it, Grandma bilby.

I will make it again next year Merry Christmas and a happy new year grandma bilby.

love from T2.


Robโ€™s first J.O. Recipe

photoToday we celebrated the new year with Rob choosing the first recipe that he will cook from the Jamie Oliver cookbook that I gave him for Christmas! This included buying things for the kitchen that apparently one needs to cook JO recipes and we donโ€™t have; reorganising the kitchen so that Rob can use this gear; shopping for the recipe ingredients that we didnโ€™t have.

Then we were ready to actually cook the food!

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