Kids’ Christmas Carols


photoTonight Jeanette drove me all the way out to Tom and Thea’s school to watch their Christmas Nativity Play. A few weeks ago, when Tristan mentioned that the kids would finish school on the 9th, I realised with horror that I hadn’t helped with their school at all this year, and hadn’t even met their teachers. So Tristan and Blaine kept a seat in the stands for me, and Jeanette drove me there and escorted me in. I played it safe and walked on both crutches for protection of my knees.

It was a sublimely lovely evening, with all the young proud parents, looking out to the sun setting in the west and the candles that the children held as they sang.




This morning, Tristan and Blaine were kind enough to have Rob and I and Jeanette and Christopher over to their place for a morning cuppa. They had just got their new bee-hive which I wanted to see, and as we hadn’t been to their place for ages it was lovely to see what they were doing with their garden (Tom and Thea have a little garden each and know most of their plants too) and their house. Then we sat together in the lounge room. Christopher was happy playing on the floor with the kids:-)

Red-tailed Magic!


This morning, as we gofer/walked near the entrance to Kings Park, we heard a call that took us back to the bush. We looked up. There were 3 pairs of red-tailed black cockatoos settling into one of the old gum trees. We’d only seen them in the bush before. Wow!

Back home I emailed Blaine to ask about them. She said that they were moving into the suburbs from the hills. This is very sad, but I’m glad they can find somewhere to live:-)

And it was a great gift for us:-)

What a Gift!


This morning Rob and I went for a gofer/walk right around Kings Park. Along the scarp, looking out over the river, we saw not one but THREE ospreys in and around the osprey nest in the top of the pine tree on the foreshore. We have really missed seeing these beautiful creatures while I have been so incapacitated this year, so of course we stayed there until they moved on, just enjoying the gift of their presence:-)