Bon Voyage, Neil:-)


Last weekend, Neil Armstrong died.

Rob and I will always remember his epic words “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” when he stepped onto the moon for the first time for all mankind. It was the day that we fell in love with each other, and ever since this breath-takingly beautiful image of earthrise, that beamed back to us from the Eagle on the moon that day, has always hovered above Rob and I in our shared pathway through life.

A dear friend of ours, whom we knew at the time of Neil’s big day, remembered Rob and I then: “Those were the days. The cool guy with his motorbike and leather jacket.

The cool chick with her long legs and long hair.

A cool couple – who could have guessed all those years ago.“

More about the big moon walk here:

Bon voyage, Neil:-)



As we prepare for the first overseas trip for my new knees I have tried on all my old walking shoes and boots. NONE of them work with my new knees and their new alignment with my legs. So sad. Between them my old walking shoes and boots have walked many hundreds of kilometres. Yesterday I put them on the verge for other to continue their journeys on the earth. I lined them up in pairs, in a long row.

By this morning they had all gone! 😦

Spring Mallard


With spring almost upon us all the trees and flowers and birds and animals around us are right onto spring things. After a good writing session at Zamia Cafe today I heard a mallard duck calling as I came out. Looking up I spied this one calling loudly from his perch in the lovely old marri tree next to Zamia. How on earth he managed to navigate between the branches to land there? But looking for mates by standing around on tree branches and calling seems to be what these lovely birds do as spring approaches:-)

Sailing Fun!

6687_photo 4917_photo_1


We are spending 3 days on Dusky Dolphin, celebrating being able to get out again. Yesterday we sailed south to Rockingham (see the lovely sunset) and today we spent most of the day sailing back north to the sailing club to avoid the bad weather coming tonight. However looking at the photos (including the view from the galley window as I prepared afternoon tea) you would have trouble believing that bad weather was on the way!

Oh it’s soooo good to be getting outside again with the sky as our roof!!!


Morning Walk


This morning was fine and sunny and cold. Rob had planned for us to go to the gym but the outside called to me VERY loudly so we went for a walk. What a lovely morning! Not only were there lots of birds busy amongst the trees, but the osprey pair were busy working on their nest in the pine tree. Suddenly one of the ospreys took off from the tree top and headed over us, skimming over the trees around us. We heard a “snap” and looked around to see the osprey now carrying a stick that it had broken off a tree back to the nest!

Further on we spied dolphins leaping together – there must have been fish to catch there:-)

What a lovely morning of wild gifts!