T1 and Beethoven perform Ode to Joy

Tonight we all gathered at the Perth Concert Hall, Campbells and Gibsons, to enjoy watching T1 perform with his school choir accompanied by the UWA youth orchestras. The celebration was the 25th anniversary of the founding of his school, John Septimus Roe.

T1 was awesome despite his nervousness. One of the youngest there, he’d practised and fronted up and did so well that by the end we could see that he was totally “in the music”, all nerves gone.

They performed Tichelli (orchestral), Borodin (T1 singing) and Beethoven’s 9th Symphony “Ode to Joy”.

An exhausting but exhilarating night for all the hundreds of performers, not to mention the hundreds of friends and family in the audience!

Back to the Hills

Last Sunday – Mothers Day – Rob and Elwyn and I drove south east to walk along one of our favourite parts of the Bibbulmun Track, up and over Mts Cuthbert and Vincent, after lunch at the Monadnocks campsite. The bush was sparkling and fresh after the first autumn rain. The views from the mountains were as breath taking as I remembered. Jeanette texted me for Mothers Day as we sat on the top. And it was the first time for 9 years that Elwyn has joined us for Mothers Day.

We haven’t done this walk for 4 years and the last time was agony with my dying knees. This time it was challenging but my journey to learn to walk properly on my new knees took a new turn – striding in the hills which was one of my big goals during this long recovery.

At the end, while waiting for Rob and Elwyn to pick me up, I was blessed to be in the centre of a big flock of red-tailed black cockatoos as they flew amongst the gum trees, feeding on gum nuts then settling for the night as the sun set.

It was certainly a very special Mothers Day!




Mandurah Wanders

Last Sunday we all gathered in Mandurah. While Blaine did her usual magic things with her Honey stall at the market, the rest of us hired a small boat to explore the canals. It was great fun, especially when the dolphins came to join us! You can see where we motored in circles to follow them on the map – Elwyn was driving at the time:-)