Mittens the Watch Cat!

At 5am this morning, Mittens meowed in our bedroom doorway. Now this might not seem unusual, but we woke straight away because she sleeps in the laundry with the door shut, and if she doesn’t this is exactly what happens. And we’d shut her in the laundry as usual when we’d got ready for bed last night…

Rob put the light on and got up. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong so he got back into bed. Up again at 6 to go to work. He had his shower, dressed and went downstairs. He found my briefcase in the middle of the family room, and his mobile was not on his desk…it dawned on him that we’d been burgled! And they’d broken in through the laundry and let out Mittens. When she’d woken us they’d scarpered without my laptop which I’d left on my desk. That was the last time I ever left my laptop out!

I was up and running then. On the phone to the police, and keeping the house safe. No outings for me that day, until the police had been. I KNEW they’d be back to get the things they’d left behind. The police told me how they’d got in and how I should keep the house secure. So I did that and went to my Rotary meeting at lunch-time, with a fair idea that they’d be back.

When I returned home the burglars been back! But they couldn’t get in this time. I called the police again and they came back. This time there was nothing else they could do. Now we just had to replace our stolen mobiles.

I vowed we’d never be stolen from again!

Shakespeare – the Whole Story

Last night Rob and I saw “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)” in 1 night!

It was a comedy performance from 3 very talented actors, getting Shakespeare’s key message across in an absolutely hilarious way including running scenes backwards! Shakespeare had a very generous view of human nature, based on a deep understanding of human-ness. I read in the AFR recently that “This is the finest insight Shakespeare has to offer us: self-knowledge and self-understanding are the essential starting points for understanding the world and daring to lead it.”

Each and every one of the plays was presented, just the gist. Because they covered the whole lot we could understand where Shakespeare came from; his extraordinary interest in all things human.

We really enjoyed it, even though most of the audience was younger than our children!