Email to Elwyn

Been an amazing day here, even by our usual standards:

7:15 Bobcat and men arrive to dig up the garden next to the drive.

8.50 Bobcat and men leave with appropriate mess behind them.

9am Blaine and kids arrive with usual chaos.

9.20 Fraser arrives to clean out the data on the PCs and finish

setting up the Macs and Netgear (internet router).

10am Blaine and kids leave for the doctor appointment – Thea’s

vaccination injection.

I make up beds for Fi, Tom and Thea with clean sheets and fresh

towels for Fi.

10.40am Blaine and kids come back for morning tea and Thea’s sleep.

11am Fi arrives from Hobart.

11.15am Blaine’s friend Ruth arrives and they take the kids to Kings


11.30am Fi leaves for Granny’s.

11.45am Fraser leaves, me having fitted in all the time I needed to

spend with him between all this. As he goes he asks me who is going

to do the Mac support now that we have an all-Mac office. I don’t know!

12noon Dad and I have a quiet lunch together before anything else


12.15pm Ruth, Blaine and kids come back and have lunch.

12.30pm Dad leaves for work and I join Blaine et al.

12.50pm Ruth leaves and Blaine and I put the kids to bed then have a chat.

1.50pm Matt (Mac support person) calls to ask if he can come now

instead of 3pm to set up the latest version of Dad’s medical

software. He DOES arrive now!

2.15pm Fi arrives back after taking Granny out for lunch. Having had

almost no sleep last night she looks dreadful and goes straight to bed!.

2.20pm Matt leaves, having told me all he does is Mac support so I

now have a Mac support person for the office:-)

3pm Tom gets up and has a quiet play in the back room.

3.30pm Thea gets up and joins us.

4pm Blaine and kids leave to pick up Tris from work then go home.

4.30pm Fi gets up, no longer looking like death warmed up.

No wonder I feel a bit tired:-)

Whoโ€™d have Thought?

This afternoon I was thrilled to share the 30th birthdays of my twin niece and nephew, Liz and Gordon Grzyb.

They arrived early in this world, catching their Mum Helen scared and unprepared.

They lost their Dad, Albert, when they were 18, leaving them scared and unprepared for single parenting.

Today their smiles and shining eyes, especially as they toasted each other, tell the world what truly wonderful people they are, and I am very proud of them.

Photos show (clockwise from top left): Christopher and Jeanette; Georgia (Gordon’s then-girlfriend), Gordon, Trishy Paul (cousin), Liz in the background, Sarah Paul (cousin), Jeanette; Tom having a well-earned drink after scoffing almost the entire olive supply (he LOVES olives!); Blaine, Thea and Elwyn (Thea LOVES chocolate cake!).

Here’s to Liz and Gordon!