The End of the Beginning


Well, next Friday the 30th, Tristan will clear his desk at GroundProbe for the last time. His first geophysics job after graduating was with a small local company called GeoForce. He stayed with them as they grew and developed, and then when they were merged with GroundProbe he stayed and endured the growing pains too.

Only 5 more sleeps and that story will end. A new story will begin on 23rd April when he starts his new job at GHD.

Yep, it’s the end of the beginning for Tristan:-)

Good morning!


This morning was a good morning!

photoI walked around the front of Kings Park, above the river. The early morning sun slanted across the water, glinting on the waves. A yacht peeled away from the easterly, sailing down the river. Birds called, enjoying the cool. And that cool was luscious on my skin after the summer hot.

Best of all, I am gratefully enjoying sharing my mornings with all the beings who inhabit this park, like the lovely banksia I saw this morning (see photos) but most especially the trees! That’s what I missed the most during my long rehab, just walking amongst all the beings, beneath the trees. OK I still use my trekking poles, but I’m managing 1-hour walks several times a week, so that refilling and healing that happens for me in the outdoors is catching up. At 1 point during my recovery, when I reached within to find some strength, the well was empty. Then I knew that the only thing to do was get outside, and thank heavens I had the gofer to do that!

Sculptures by the Sea


photoThis morning we got up early and put our walking shoes on for a long beach walk – amongst the amazing sculptures that people have created for this year’s competition.

The winner was interesting: from the front it’s just a big dump truck like we see in the mining areas to the north. As you walk around to the back you see that the tyres and truck and being crushed by sand gradually covering it up. A good story that nature has been here way longer than all our marvels of technology!

Of course Rob was in his element, getting some lovely photos:-)

It was hard on my new knees. They took almost a week to recover but it was worth it!

T1 and T2 are growing up


But they will always be welcome in the space that we have in our home and our hearts for them:-)


Dear T1 and T2

We would love to have you to our place for a sleepover either this Saturday night (10th) or next Saturday night (17th). Which would suit you? We are happy to come and pick you up from home or wherever and take you back home too.


Grandma and Pa


Hi Grandma

Can we have a sleepover with you on the 17th? Mum and Dad think that would be OK.


T1 and T2