An Outing at Last!


Today Rob and I took off in his X-man into the country. We haven’t done this for some time, and this will be the longest I have been out of the house for a month.

It was lovely to just go, and flow along with the day. We sat in the car by the sparkling Avon River to have our picnic lunch (see pic).

Rob and I have always enjoyed just spending time together – it was good to be reminded just how good this is for both of us:-)

The Sun IS Shining


Rob went out racing on Kim Klaka’s yacht this arvo, which was very good for him. “Carer’s leave”.

So I took off in Shadowfax to see Mum in Hollywood. She goes to Rosewood nursing home next week, and it will be very difficult for me to see her, so I trundled over to her ward and had a good long chat. I haven’t seen her since I got home from hospital. She’s very sad at the thought of the nursing home, but there is no other option.

Then I spent some time trundling around Shenton Park lake towards sunset and caught this image of the sun on the water – very uplifting!

Another Gift!


Today was yet another low point in my journey of recovery. I woke with low energy after yet another night of not much sleep, and wondered what I am supposed to do now to get through this well.

Today was also a day of many gifts, only one of which was this gofer! My dear friend Kerry promised it to me a few weeks ago. I am still getting over the generosity of her offer, and when I opened the front door to go to my first rehab session, there it was on the front porch (next to the “Grandma’s Place” sign)!

I am still in awe of the gifts that this journey brings:-)

Email to Elwyn: “It is indeed very strange. When Dad first mentioned the possibility of a gofer, I envisaged a red one immediately. When my friend Kerry said that I could borrow the one that her mother had, I didn’t know it was red. I wasn’t too sure about it, so Kerry delivered it in secret and we found it on the front porch, just as I’d first envisaged, right down to the colour!

Very strange but very good:-)”