From our Balcony in Chamonix

On our first evening in our apartment in Chamonix in the French Alps(for Elwyn, Rob and I), it was very tempting to order takeaway for dinner…I mean who could leave this amazing view to go inside and cook dinner! As takeaway was not available as it was the off season we just had a late dinner!

Anyway, this is France where they speak French and we hadn’t quite worked out how to be understood:-(

Sunset in River Yealm

After leaving Fowey, we attempted to help rescue a sinking yacht before the rescue boat arrived, then made our way to spend the night in the River Yealm. The huge tidal surge had us struggling to grab a mooring, so at full throttle with me on the helm Rob grabbed the first mooring in the river and that’s where we stayed. Turned out it was the best place to see who was coming and going and to enjoy the gorgeous sunset:-)

Sailing out of Fowey

Sailing out of Fowey, Cornwall – home of Daphne Du Maurier, one of my favourite authors. She said that her life’s work was to give life to the stories of this place, which she did with amazing grace.

So several days here on board the yacht Moonshine gave me time to find my voice, to find the stories that are waiting to be told.

And they are the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things within and around organisations!

Elly @ Ikea

My first weekend in London with Elly, and our first plan was for me to watch her play cricket (what a surprise!). However on the way there the captain called and said the game was cancelled as it was raining and the ground to waterlogged (I thought they would be used to that:-). So we changed direction and headed for the nearest Ikea to buy some things for Elly’s new flat – crockery and an arm chair for Rob when he arrives next weekend.

It’s nice to spend the day with her because tomorrow I take the train to Plymouth to spend the week with my Aunt Judy, coming back on Friday in time for Rob’s arrival from Perth-Dubai.