Old Shoes


These tatty old tevas have been supporting my feet since I came home after my first knee replacement at the end of June. They were the only shoes that I could stretch out to be big enough to fit over my swollen foot! Now the soles have split, the foot beds have died, so they are finally going to the teva resting place in the sky.

Thank you, both of you!

Walking again


This afternoon I actually felt like walking a bit. Last week I got a bit carried away and walked too much with only 1 trekking pole. So today I took 2 of them and walked around to the shops to post the mail. I thought there was a bus stop and seat half way round if my knees got tired. However when I got there it was gone! But just over the road was an old couch on the verge, waiting for the verge pickup. So it was the perfect place for a rest on the way to the post office AND the way back!

It’s Still Cute


The little possum, having eaten most of our nasturtium patch, settled in the garden by the back fence on Sunday to have a good lick and then a big sleep. It was quite at home in our garden.

I contacted a wildlife carer about it yesterday. She advised that if it was there the next day to call her again and she would arrange to collect it. When I went out the back yard, it had disappeared, but a much smaller one was eating the pear that I had left out. Oh dear. However it curled up to sleep in what was left of the nasturtium patch.

This morning, with thunder storms looming, neither of them were anywhere to be seen. We never saw them again, and hoped that they had found new safe places to live.

The nasturtiums will regrow!

Young Possum!


This morning, a hot one, when Rob went out to water the new little beings in the garden, he found one he didn’t expect – a young brush-tailed possum! When he saw it, it quietly moved around the bushes to find a nest that seemed safe. I called Blaine for advice, and she said to just leave out water for it for now, and fruit if I thought it needed feeding. However it seemed OK so Rob put a bowl of water near it and we left it alone.

I hope it’s OK…