Back to the Hills

Last Sunday – Mothers Day – Rob and Elwyn and I drove south east to walk along one of our favourite parts of the Bibbulmun Track, up and over Mts Cuthbert and Vincent, after lunch at the Monadnocks campsite. The bush was sparkling and fresh after the first autumn rain. The views from the mountains were as breath taking as I remembered. Jeanette texted me for Mothers Day as we sat on the top. And it was the first time for 9 years that Elwyn has joined us for Mothers Day.

We haven’t done this walk for 4 years and the last time was agony with my dying knees. This time it was challenging but my journey to learn to walk properly on my new knees took a new turn – striding in the hills which was one of my big goals during this long recovery.

At the end, while waiting for Rob and Elwyn to pick me up, I was blessed to be in the centre of a big flock of red-tailed black cockatoos as they flew amongst the gum trees, feeding on gum nuts then settling for the night as the sun set.

It was certainly a very special Mothers Day!




Mandurah Wanders

Last Sunday we all gathered in Mandurah. While Blaine did her usual magic things with her Honey stall at the market, the rest of us hired a small boat to explore the canals. It was great fun, especially when the dolphins came to join us! You can see where we motored in circles to follow them on the map – Elwyn was driving at the time:-)



Easter wandering

There’s something special about walking out of the front door and just seeing where I get to. Today I had some writing in my head that was stuck, and wandering like this seems to loosen the chains.

By the time I’d walked to the train station the chains were open and I sat waiting for the train as my fingers flowed. They’d finished by the time the train arrived!

The flow continued, taking the train to Freo, walking through the city to a cafe looking out to sea, calling Rob to join me when he’d finished his boat painting, enjoying afternoon tea together by the sea as boats pottered about below us:-)

New Car!

Email to our family:

Hi Everyone,

After driving over to Tom and Thea’s school yesterday for Grandparents’ Day at Thea’s class (they wanted to know all about the olden days:-), then took them home to Lockridge, then back to our place through the tunnel and peak hour traffic, my olden day car was so bad to drive with “blacking out” at various inconvenient times that I decided to finally bite the bullet and buy myself a new car. This is an expensive thing to do at the best of times, but on the same day as I booked Dad and I in for a cruise around Spitsbergen the timing was, well, interesting!

So this morning Dad helped me with the test driving and negotiating about a new car, which will be delivered in 2-3 weeks for less than the price of this one: 4294739449 4294680283 4294766388 4294962861 4294962707 1247 1282 1252 1246&num=15&silo=Stock&sort=default

I had to chuckle when I remembered that only yesterday Thea checked that I would be able to move my little dancing bee from the dashboard of my old car to my new car if I bought a new one…