Tom @ 3 Weeks

Well, Tom is 3 weeks old now. He and his parents have had a pretty busy, sleepless time getting to know each other, but I detect some calmness coming into the relationship. Blaine sounds stronger, and Tris more confident. Thinking back to when Rob and I brought Jeanette home from hospital when she was about a week old, I remember how terrifying it was. On the few occasions that she slept, we woke her to make sure she hadn’t stopped breathing. And when she got a cold after a few weeks, we worried that she might catch pneumonia. The doctor laughed at us, of course.

Sometimes I wonder if our children grow up despite their parents!

But seriously, it’s so important to love them, to love them enough to let them go so they can flourish as they were born to do, always knowing that they can come back to us when they need to.

I’ve given myself some time today to put all the photos we have to date on the web site. Take a peek at the Photos section!

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