Welcome to the World, Alythea Ruth Campbell

Alythea Ruth Bramwell Campbell.

Her first name means “Truthful One”.

Her second name is after her great grandmother, mother of her Dad Tristan’s Dad, Rob.

Her third name is a maternal family name on her mother’s side.

Born at 13:54, 28th August 2006, Alythea weighed in at 8 pounds and 1 ounce. As she was pulled from the warm, dark womb that had been her home for almost 9 months, she yelled in indignation.

Tristan was very proud of his brave and pretty wife and lovely little daughter who eventually settled down to look at this new, bright world.

Later, Tristan looked up the star charts for Alythea:

“This baby name is representative of high intellectual and spiritual development. It’s bearers are people with a wide breadth of views. They are frequently charming, restless and impetuous. Decisiveness, will power and non-recognition of dogma are all part of their nature. They feel and perceive the world around them much deeper than others do. They hunger to help others and serve for humane purposes.”

Welcome to this world, Alythea:-)

Grandma Wendy X 2 now!

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