Father’s Day with Challis

It began with Tristan arriving at our place to pick up his boy and take him home, giving Rob a Father’s Day hug before he left. Jeanette arrived with Rob’s present – a heart-shaped chocolate cake, which we enjoyed during our sail.

This year, Elwyn being here for Father’s Day and it being a beautiful day, we celebrated by sailing from Fremantle to Rockingham and meeting Challis for lunch. So for Rob, Elwyn, Jeanette and I it was a gorgeous sail on Dusky Dolphin, one of those sparkly days with a moderate wind, flat water and smooth, fast sailing.

We attached the boat to a mooring at Rockingham and dinghied in to the beach. After a short wait at the cafe Challis arrived, all smiles and hugs. It was lovely to share that time with her, especially for Elwyn who wouldn’t see her again for a long time. So good food and lots of chatter, remembering times like when we all wnet camping with Challis and Digger, and various times when Challis had taken care of our children. She is such a good part of our family…

As we dinghied back out to Dusky Dolphin, Challis walked out to the end of the jetty. “Let’s do a sail by the jetty,” we decided! So somehow in that good breeze we detached from the mooring with sails up, turned the boat and sailed close by the jetty, waving to Challis as we did so. Then sharp turn northwards for a romping sail back to Fremantle.

It was a good day:-)

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