Breaking through…

Last night we felt the pain that Tristan and Blaine’s family have been going through. We had babysat Tom for the day, then Tristan, Blaine and Alythea came over for dinner before taking Tom home. Blaine fed Alythea, planning to finish and join us for dinner. However Alythea’s colic, which had been worrying her for some weeks, prevented her from feeding well, and from sleeping. She doubled up in pain. Blaine was incredibly strong and patient, but we sensed the tiredness behind…

So it was a messy sort of gathering for the meal. And Tristan was unusually terse.

We felt for them, but were not able to do much.

Then Rob remembered Jeanette having the same problems when she had been small, and wrote a script for Tristan for whatever it was that had helped Jeanette. Then we helped them pack up the children and strap them into the car. They left, Alythea crying as usual. As we waved I wondered how much longer Tris and Blaine could handle this stress and lack of sleep.

Next morning, as Rob and I prepared Dusky Dolphin to sail in our sailing club’s  Opening Day, Tris called. He sounded much better! AND they had given Alythea the medicine and she had slept for 7 hours! The relief in his voice was palpable. Fortunately he didn’t see the tears of relief on my cheeks.

Thank heavens. Now they could all recover. And perhaps now we could get to know Alythea…

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