Tonight we babysat Tom and Alythea (first time for Alythea), while Tristan and Blaine went to the Robbie Williams concert nearby. Because it takes half an hour to get from their place to ours, we gave them all an early dinner before giving Tris and Blaine a lift to the concert. Of course Jeanette was there as she always is when Tom is around. She has a special connection with that little man…

Blaine had been telling me about Alythea’s routine and ways for some days, and I’d done my best to remember it all. I was very grateful that she brought me written instructions that night, just as she had when we first babysat Tom.

We enjoyed the usual noisy meal we have when the children are here, farewelled Tristan and Blaine for Rob to take them to the concert, then commenced bed-time. Jeanette and Christopher helped Tom set up his bath (which means him running betwwen his toy box and the bath the that evening’s bath toys and Jeanette holding back any soft toys he might try to throw into the bath), bathed him, read to him and put him to bed in his portable cot. He’s very good about going to bed. I bathed Alythea, gave her her bottle, burbed her and put her to bed in her bassinet. She had trouble settling, as she often does. I went through all the suggestions that Blaine had left me but to no avail. Fi had told me that sometimes a massage-type of stroking can help babies to settle, so I tried that, speaking softly to her just above the classical music she likes to have in the background. That worked.

As soon as she was settled I sms’d Tristan and Blaine so they wouldn’t worry.

Then Rob, Jeanette, Christopher and I sat around the family room and shared some red wine and chocolate!

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