Rob’s birthday

This year, every time we asked Rob what he would like to do for his birthday, he said “I don’t want presents, I want to have time with all of you”.

So we took him at his word and planned some gatherings for him, as surprises.

About a week beforehand he told me that the new James Bond movie, “Casino Royale”, was coming out in time for his birthday. That would be one of my presents to him! So the day before his birthday, the 9th, we looked like having a quiet day. When I saw him looking at the movie timetable in the paper I thought is best to let him in on his first surprise – tickets to the afternoon session of Casino Royale. We met Jeanette and Christopher there and really enjoyed seeing the “new” James Bond in action!

Next morning (Rob’s birthday – 10th) I let him in his next surprise – a brunch at Tristan and Blaine’s. They put on a great cooked brunch of eggs, bacon, mushrooms with bread and birthday cake (Rob’s favourite – chocolate – cooked by Blaine). Rob really enjoyed playing with Tom and spending time with our growing family.

The next Tuesday had taken more planning. As Rob would be working that day I had spoken to his secretary to ensure that he would finish in the operating theatre in time for me to take him to the special “Twenty Legends Cricket Match” at the WACA, with legends like Dennis Lillee. I told him that morning what would be happening, so he could look forward to it all day. As promised, when he came home from work, I took him into the WACA where Tristan, Jeanette and Christopher were waiting with a picnic tea and seats taken. They all enjoyed a memorable evening watching this memorable match, then brought Rob home.

And then his birthday was over – we’d given him exactly what he’d asked for!

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