Remembering Grandpa

At the gym today my trainer Sandie finished my session with a posture exercise – we’ve realised that I have work to do here. She stood me up against the wall, tummy tucked, shoulders back and head upright.

“Stay like that the rest of the day,” she instructed with a smile.

Suddenly I was 12 years old again. Standing against a wall with a book on my head that Grandpa was holding.

“Pull your tummy in, hold your shoulders back and your head high. Don’t let that book fall,” my grandfather was saying as he let go the book.

Had I always hidden from the world by keeping my head down and shoulders rounded? Did he see that? It dawned on me then that he had seen a lot about me even in my tender years that I was only just seeing now…

“Thanks Grandpa.” Sandie wondered at my grin of understanding.

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