Birthday @ the Zoo

Yesterday we gathered – Rob and I, Jeanette and Christopher, Tristan and Blaine, Tom and Thea – at the Zoo to celebrate Tom’s and my birthdays.

With all of us bringing things it was not a hard task to put on a barbecue brunch. Gorgeous sunshine to sit under and eat together!

Then a wander around the Zoo. Our children come here often, and guided Rob and I around to the more recent work. It is wonderful to see the effort being made to house these creatures in something approximating their natural environment. The sadest and also the happiest place was the sun bears. Two enclosures have been made for these new additions to the Zoo, rescued from tiny roome in the back of shops in Asia where their bile is extracted daily. One had had rehab before coming here and was adjusting to the space and light quite well, but the other was freaked out. Through tears I watched this little creature who, through no faulty of his own, had had no liberty to enjoy the sun on his face or fresh air in his lungs or space to explore until now. But at least he now had the chance to learn how.

What a world we live in!

But it was a special day to share with our lovely family.

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