Mum turns 80

Yesterday was the 80th anniversary of Mum’s birth in Melbourne, Victoria. Helen and Rose had invited her dearest friends and all the family to a celebration lunch at Royal Fresh Water Bay Yacht Club.

Three days before, Mum’s nurse had called me saying that Mum’s chronically infected toe looked very red and was hot. That meant that an infection was taking off again. I got Mum into the doctor’s that evening to get her onto antibiotics, then got her into hospital the next day with Fi’s help (Fi had just arrived from Tasmania for Mum’s birthday!). So Fi picked up Mum and a wheelchair from hospital on the day of her party and delivered her safe and sound to the Yacht Club, where she was greeted like royalty by us all!

And Mum does like being “The Queen” with an audience – a party girl to the end!

Helen organised a video of Mum and Dad’s wedding to be played after the main course. It showed so many loved ones who had now gone, and I sensed a huge wave of sadness fill the room as we watched that joyful occasion. But it was good to see them again.

When it came time for Fi to gather up Mum and all her presents, Mum was very tired. But she’d had a good time and we waved her off like royalty to return to hospital.

She would stay there for 3 weeks, with the photos of her birthday party that Helen printed out for her.

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