Judy leaves

Judy left Perth today.

She arrived in Perth on 29th June and stayed with us until 8th August, when she flew to Sydney to stay with her brother John and wife Robyn. It was good having her in the house, and I realised in this proximity that a lot of my mannerisms and ways are very like hers.

She came back to Perth on 20th July and stayed with Helen and various friends, then came back to us on the 31st for the last couple of days before flying back to UK. Tristan, Blaine, Tom and Thea joined us for dinner that night to say farewell, and Tom dragged Judy into the lounge room to read his then-favourite book “The Butter Battle Book”. We have a delightful photo of them both, Judy in her chair and Tom in Mittens’ chair.

Last night it was just Judy, Rob and I, with Mittens who loved Judy. The chair that Judy made her own while she was with us was next to Mittens’ chair, so they shared lots of chats and pats.

And at lunch-time today we took Judy to the airport, helped her get her luggage into the system, and said farewell.

Until we see her in UK in September.

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