The Wing of Zock

Rob has a story from a satyrical look at the hospital scene, of a hospital wing where patients are put when there is nothing else that can be done for them. In this story, a particular hospital has such a wing built to house the mother of the superintendent. His name was Zock, so the wing became the Wing of Zock.

Today I had to take Mum back to hospital, and the ward where they put her was for just such patients. As usual I stayed with her until all the doctors had seen her and worked out her care, and all the nurses had done what they needed to do, and her meals were ordered, and all her things were put where she could find them. It’s hard accepting that she’s getting beyond healing, but the nurses here are so caring and thoughtful that I know she’ll be taken care of until she’s over this particular crisis.

I’m leaving for UK in just over a week, so Fi will come from Tasmania for a week and stay at our place and see over Mum. She’s very good the way she does that:-)

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