And…Thea Celebrates her 1st Birthday!

This morning we gathered again at Tristan and Blaine’s place, me having picked up Mum from hospital and brought her along with her wheel chair!

Both sides of the extended families were there to celebrate. It had been a hard journey to get here – sleepless nights, lots of crying (mostly from Thea), Tom adjusting to having a sibling, Blaine recovering from a nightmare pregnancy and a caesarian birth, Tristan trying to keep his work under control as well as being the wonderful husband and father that we saw today – but today, this little girl brings us so much joy now that she has her two dainty feet firmly on our planet. And has discovered a most delightful laugh.

You will find photos on Tristan and Blaine’s website – click on the link in the About Us section – but I just wanted to say what a privilege it has been to share the journey.

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