Who’d have Thought?

This afternoon I was thrilled to share the 30th birthdays of my twin niece and nephew, Liz and Gordon Grzyb.

They arrived early in this world, catching their Mum Helen scared and unprepared.

They lost their Dad, Albert, when they were 18, leaving them scared and unprepared for single parenting.

Today their smiles and shining eyes, especially as they toasted each other, tell the world what truly wonderful people they are, and I am very proud of them.

Photos show (clockwise from top left): Christopher and Jeanette; Georgia (Gordon’s then-girlfriend), Gordon, Trishy Paul (cousin), Liz in the background, Sarah Paul (cousin), Jeanette; Tom having a well-earned drink after scoffing almost the entire olive supply (he LOVES olives!); Blaine, Thea and Elwyn (Thea LOVES chocolate cake!).

Here’s to Liz and Gordon!

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