Four Buses

This week Jeanette and Tom had an adventure which included going on “four buses!” as Tom told us when he got back to our place. This is what Jeanette wrote to Elwyn about it:

Subject: biiiiig expedition


yesterday i met mum and tom and thea at kings park.

tom was being impressively badly-behaved (actually he wasn’t too bad at the park, but had been awful for the previous couple of days).

so after a bit of a play at the playground – where he was quite grumpy until i gave him the minimum possible help to climb up onto a big high bridge then he was happy, probably cos of being slightly adventurous – me and tom went into town.  on the BUS.

and tom got to decide whether to eat lunch in the city or next to the river.  he chose the river.  so we got off the bus at london court, then walked down to barrack st jetty, then shared a toasted panini and and orange-juice.  then we caught CAT bus, and got off at the terminus, which was handy cos then the bus stayed put so i could explain to tom about the biiig cat on he side of the bus (he couldn’t see the cat at first).  then caught another 2 buses to go back to grandma’s house.

oh yeah, and he liked seeing the big new ferris-wheel (but we didn’t ride on it).

so his big news of the day was that there were FOUR BUSES!!!!

hopefully next time there will be a ferry.

I took Blaine and Thea back to our place in the meantime, and Thea enjoyed a quiet time with Grandma while Blaine had a rest.

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