Being Grandma & Pa

To help Blaine, and therefore Tristan, Rob, Jeanette, Christopher and I took care of Tom and Thea for a couple of days this week. Tom has entered the “Ferocious Four” stage (Rob’s term) which little boys go through when they have their first surge of testosterone. So he is extremely tiring and Blaine really needed a break.

Blaine came over yesterday morning with the kiddliwinks and we went to their favourite park (pictures above). Didn’t go so well this week as all the kids (and some Dads) were grumpy so we went back to our place. Blaine retired to the study as she’d really had enough of grumpiness. Thea went to bed and I spent some time with Tom and his new sticker book. Blaine left to be taken out for afternoon tea by a friend, somewhere with NO playgrounds and NO children, then have a nice evening with Tristan! Jeanette turned up to take Tom for the night, and Thea and I enjoyed some quiet time doing all the things that she wanted to do. Fi got back from her day’s time with Mum and joined us. She helped bath and feed Thea, and we put her to bed. Unfortunately Thea didn’t sleep too well, and as she was sharing Fi’s room Fi didn’t either. So they both got up this morning looking bleary. I took over Thea and Fi went back to bed.

Thea and I had a quiet morning, including morning tea in Subiaco with Blaine, while Fi had her last visit to Mum. Then Fi came back, got all her luggage together and left for the airport.  Jeanette arrived with Tom. After the children’s rests they had a last play with my “bling” as they call it before going home with a much more relaxed Blaine – see photos:

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