Giving Back

Tonight we helped out with a mast-climbing demonstration. Naturally when Rob Hills, who does so much for our sailing club’s cruising section, called Rob to ask for some help with this (Rob being a famous mountaineer at our club), Rob said “Yes!” We decided to show them how I belay Rob when he climbs Dusky Dolphin’s 16 metre mast.

So here we are in the photo, tied in to our harnesses climbing style, Rob “climbing” along the deck with me belaying him. It’s a true partnership, doing it this way, just like sailing has become for us.

On the way home, I was thinking about where we are going now with our sailing. We’ve learnt all we are going to learn from the club, and need to go our own way much more now. But it’s been good to share the journey, always helping out where we can!

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