Oh No!

This morning, on a long walk in Kings Park, I planned to say “Hi” to my favourite tree, an old stone pine. But as I walked towards it…all there was left where it once stood, housing all the birds and other creatures that lived amongst its bark and branches, was disturbed earth. It had been chopped down, shredded and even the root bole was gone!

So I stood and remembered…

That tree was the first non-human living thing that gave me the feeling that there was more to life than what we can touch and see. And that realisation was crucial to my return to health. Actually to a lightness of heart and of being that I had never before known. So in those dark times of illness, and the lightening times of healing that followed, my morning walks always included that tree.

“Thank you.”

After remembering I walked on, but walks in Kings Park will never, ever be quite the same. The likeness here will remind me…

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