Camping Together?

WIth Elwyn leaving in just a few weeks now to return to England, we made the most of an opportunity for all of us to visit the annual Caravan & Camping Show at the Claremont Showgrounds.

We gathered at our place, then walked to the train station (Rob, me, Jeanette, Christopher, Elwyn, Tristan Blaine, Tom and Thea) to catch the showgrounds train. That was very exciting for the kiddliwinks! Then we walked around the show, looking at kayaks, tents, caravans, camping trailers and lots and lots of gear. AND there were lots of adults to take turns in carrying tired little people. All good fun and the kids were very good, probably helped by frequent doses of food and drink:-) Even when we explored inside some of the many camping vehicles they didn’t break anything.

Back to our place for lunch and a well-earned rest – it was a good morning!

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