Seeing Elwyn & Robin

Well, I’ve bitten the bullet and told Elwyn that I’ll come to London in June to stay with her and meet Robin. She’s happier now. For a homebody like Elwyn to have fallen in love with someone half-way around the world, it must be a bit scary.

Rob will stay in Perth and keep the home fires burning. It will not be his sort of trip – no climbing, tramping, travelling or other outdoors time to share with his loved ones!

So I’ll have 3 extended weekends with Elly and 2 with Robin.

And I’ll stay with Judy during one week, and for the second week stay with Elly while she’s working and book visits to my business contacts in and around London.

And probably during that second week, when Robin isn’t there to do so, I might cook her a meal or two, as she loves being cooked for:-)

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