Getting to know Thea…

Today and tomorrow morning, we are getting to know Thea better. My aunt Judy says that the best way she had to get to know her nieces and nephews was either to babysit them, or have them to stay at her place. So when an opportunity came to have Thea and/or Tom comes up we say “Yes!” if at all possible.

In this picture Thea has set herself up with her pillow and blanket on her favourite couch in our lounge room to watch her favourite video – “Blue Man” or Monsters Inc. to the rest of us. This is a time-honoured tradition begun by her Dad Tristan and his 2 big sisters:-)

Later today she was bored while I did the ironing so I got a tray and my glass “buttons” as she calls them and she made a very intricate pattern that she was very proud of.

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