Mothers’ Day

This morning I picked up my mother about 11am and brought her back to our place for an early lunch with Tristan, Blaine and the kiddliwinks. It is perhaps the clearest view of her persistent tiredness these days that she did not want to be the centre of attention, but rather was happy to listen to the burbling that always happens around our table. After lunch, while Tristan went to hockey and I read to the kids before their naps, Blaine had a good chat with her.

I took Mum to Gordon’s place to be taken over the his sister Bette’s for afternoon tea. She was tired by then so I hoped she would handle it OK. Then I came back and Rob and I went to watch Tris play hockey (the goalie in the big blue outfit!) – I’d elected to have our Mothers’ day gathering there as Jeanette couldn’t come to lunch. It was a challenging game, playing one of the top teams. At one point one of Tris’s team-mates who the group was who keep making a noice whenever Tris did anything. He replied “Oh, that’s my family”. So while Tom and Thea (after she’d woken up and Blaine had arrived with her) played behind us with little hockey sticks, we watched and cheered when Tris did anything good (often) and when they won!!!

It was a good day:-)

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