Last night Elly and I met in London’s Victoria Train Station after her work, went a got a tapas dinner @ a Spanish restaurant where the waiters don’t speak much English, bought some fun clothes for Tom and Thea at M&S, then arrived at the amazingly fanciful Apollo Victoria Theatre. I think there were more children than adults but that meant that the audience was more open than usual. and laughed and cheered a lot.

What an amazing musical “Wicked!” is! It takes the 2 witches from the Wizard of Oz and tells their stories from their early 20s, tracing the choices they made to grow and get to where they were in the Wizard of Oz. The 2 leads actors who played the witches were very strong and also good singers. The costumes and props (see the dragon and the curtain that’s a map, for example) were so well done too.

All in all a great night, which we had plenty of time to talk about as we took the train then Elwyn’s car through a traffic jam to get home around the witching hour (aka midnight).

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