Annual Seed Planting @ Curradel

This weekend we gathered at “Curradel”, Tristan and Blaine’s bushland just west of Tammin. It was the annual seed-planting and we had 3,000 little seedlings to plant!

Tristan, Blaine and the kiddliwinks arrived there on Friday night and spent Saturday morning getting the land, seedlings and gear ready.

At lunch-time Jeanette and Christopher, Rob and I, and Blaine’s step-Dad Joe (who now lives on land nearby) joined TBTA for lunch in Cunderdin “Pit Stop”. Then it was off to the bushland and work! After I’d helped to put the Thea down for her sleep I realised that someone would have to stay nearby to watch over her. So I tidied the camp, set up our tent next to the caravan and kept myself occupied while everyone else scattered across the land. By the time Jeanette an Christopher left around sunset we’d broken the back of it.

Stars that night, and magic of magic there were frogs singing in the salt-laden creek!

Early rising on Sunday, breakfast in Cunderdin, then I watched over Thea and occasionally Tom for the morning while the others planted.

Not too many left at lunch-time when Rob took this photo – Thea had been helping me do a bit of planting before we noticed Tom in trouble – he’d got stuck in the mud and couldn’t move. Pa had to come and lift him out. So he stayed with Thea and I to recover over a BIG lunch!

We left about 3:30 and TBTA not long after – all the seedlings were planted, rain was forecast for the entire next week and we ALL looked forward to a good sleep that night!

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