Magic Morning

Although these weren’t the ones I saw, they give you the feeling that I was gifted with during my morning walk today. Tomorrow I will be flying with Mum to Melbourne, where we will meet Fiona in the Qantas Club lounge and Fiona will then fly with Mum to Tasmania so Mum can have a “holiday” at Fi’s place.

Actually it will be an intensive respite time, with Fi showering on Mum all the love and care she’s been aching to give during the past some months while Mum has been increasingly ill.

In my heart I knew this would be the last time I’d see Mum alive, and I was sad.

So as always when I’m sad there’s a wonderful wild gift. This time, on the calm, shiny wintery river, there was a fleet of pelicans. As I watched them I spied a few dolphin spouts amongst them, which soon disappeared. Soon the spouts reappeared some distance away, then the leaping started, which meant that there were fish to catch! One by one the pelicans took to the air then landed amongst the dolphins, eager to share the feast. They were joined by gulls and cormorants. Lastly one of the pair of ospreys who’ve nested in a pine tree on the river bank glided in majestically to see if there was anything to eat.

What a sight – worthy of our legendary David Attenborough!

And it made my heart sing:-)

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