Among Trees!

After a delightful lunch by a lake off Mt Shadforth Drive, Denmark, we drove to the Tree-top walk near Walpole. This amazing piece of engineering sits well with the giant tingle and karri trees, themselves amazing pieces of engineering! Slow walk across as we appreciated this space normally reserved for birds:-)

Photos – 1 of the tree top leaves that shimmer in the sunlight just like the surface of the sea when we are on it! And 1 of Rob at the end of a span on the walk, to give the perspective of these huge trees. And 1 of an old man of the forest in the Ancient Empires walk around the bases of these trees- I defy you not to see him! And lastly 1 of a message insight the heart of a burnt-old but still living tingle tree bole – “Inside there is silence, if you pause to listen” – enjoy:-)

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