So much Magic, so Little Time…

There was so much magic around yesterday that Rob felt he had no time for work! There were these beautiful spider orchids to be photographed, the osprey nest nearby, with a young’un in it, to be watched and photographed just for a start.

On our morning walk yesterday, we found a new (for us) orchid heaven – in a short span there were bright yellow cowslips, bacon-and-egg coloured donkey orchids (lots!), bacon-and-egg pea flowers and those shy, elusive spider orchids – not one but a HUGE bunch of them! So Rob went back later with his new camera to get pics.

Further on our walk one of the parent ospreys was on the top of the pine tree next to the nest on the top of another pine tree. Yey!

Even further on the pink myrtles, purple pea flowers and so many others were bursting forth.

So much magic:-)

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