Gifts @ Rotto

Well, as well as having 3 days at Rotto in the first sunny, warm weather since May, we have marvelled at:

Whales! 3 groups of teenage whales 1 mother and calf pair swam right near us as we sailed along the north side of Rottnest – what a treat!

Ospreys! The osprey pair in Stark Bay flew around us a lot, and 1 sat on the entrance/exit channel marker as we sailed out – see pic. The next day, as we let go the mooring in Porpoise Bay, an osprey did a “fly-by” over our mast!

Rainbow bee-eaters! We’ve heard them for a few weeks since they arrived back from their annual northern migration, and they always bring joy to my heart, but this was the first time we’d seen them up close – catching and eating insects – magic!

So during our lunch on Sunday, we were serenaded by ospreys and rainbow bee-eaters – how often does that happen!

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