We were approaching “Platypus Walk” in Geeveston, Tasmania. Our experience of this type of walk is that we would see anything but a platypus. But you never know…

As I walked towards the start of the walk, closely followed by Rob, I could see the Kermandie River. There was something floating in it, a small log. It was end-on to me, with small, round yellow-rimmed eyes and a small brown beak on the nearest end.

It was a platypus, and it was looking at me!

“It’s a platypus,” I called to Rob.

“It must be a rubber one,” he replied.

And the platypus disappeared beneath the water.

We hugged with joy at having seen a platypus. Further along the river we saw another platypus, nuzzling along the banks for crustaceans and water worms. Wow!

And then we saw yet another one, doing the same thing.

What an amazing gift!

The images of these precious little creatures stayed with us for a long time – we had shared time with not one but THREE platypuses:-)

Most people never see even one!

How lucky were we?

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